Preparing for a Divorce in the New Year

It’s common knowledge that June is the most common wedding month. But what about divorce? There isn’t a main divorce month, is there? Unofficially, yes. According to research at the University of Washington, divorces peak nationwide during March and August. But they continue during and right after the holiday season. In fact, January is known throughout the divorce industry as the unofficial divorce month. And it makes sense. The holidays encourage hope which often extends to one final attempt to kick start a sputtering marriage back into gear. Of course, once the excitement fades and the wrappings are all cleared away, the problems all too often still remain. Fortunately, there are some simple and effective ways for preparing for and starting over after a divorce in the New Year.

Know and Get Your Finances in Order

Michigan has come a long way since 1946 when its divorce rates were record high at 10.2 divorces per 1,000 residents. As of 2016, those totals were almost slashed in half at 5.8 divorces per 1,000 residents, but the numbers are still significant. Moreover, the cost of living has drastically increased. While single income households aren’t extinct, they are rarities in today’s world. Thus, many people suffer in silence hoping for marital miracles that never occur. However, if you know your finances and get them in order prior to jumping into a divorce plan, you might become your own miracle worker. Start saving money right now. Open your own savings account and close joint accounts. Reduce expenditures as quickly as possible to practice budgeting on a single income.

Hunt Down the Right Documents

A divorce is a legal contract just as a marriage is. But you’ll need a lot more documents to finalize your freedom and secure your financial independence. Your Michigan divorce attorney can tell you exactly what you’ll need. But common items needed for your consultation and continuation include pay stubs, tax returns, deeds and mortgages, vehicle titles, credit card and loan documents, investments, retirement account information, and wills. These items help secure fair property division as well as future support payments. Gather and prepare as much as possible in advance to avoid stress later.

Prepare Your Custody Plan – Or Prepare for Battle

Michigan custody is always decided in the best interest of the child. While that interest often involves joint or co-parenting, there are situations where that’s simply not possible. Your job as a parent is to make upcoming life changes as easy on your kids as possible while preparing for any necessary battle ahead. If the judge can award co-parenting, expect that to happen. But you’ll still need to prove you’re an active parent. Gather records from school events, parent-teacher conferences, and school-based correspondence as well as documentation of medical bills and extracurricular activities. Chances are you have most of it lying around anyway or can get it easily enough.

Consult with a Michigan Divorce Attorney

When you’re ready to do more than just think of moving forward towards your independent future, be sure to contact a competent Michigan divorce attorney. Free consultations can be arranged discreetly around your busy schedule, and the results can be priceless. Isn’t it worth a call to see how quickly and easily you can have a happy and independent new year?