Changing an Existing Order Rendered by the Court

Many families are fortunate enough to rebuild their lives after a divorce without ever having to go back to court. They are satisfied with the judge’s decision regarding child support, alimony, visitation, and other matters.

However, when the order for your own case no longer accommodates your situation, you may need to go back to court to have it modified. By retaining the services of a legal assistance agency, family law firm, or divorce attorney Brandon FL petitioners like you could have the order altered or ask the judge to render a new one entirely.

Reasons for Modification

The judge who oversaw your case initially rendered a decision based on the information that was available to the court at the time. Using the details provided by your attorney and the attorney of your former spouse, the judge decided who should get custody and who should pay child support and receive visitation rights.

As the months and years pass, however, that order may become impractical for a number of reasons. In many instances, the custodial parent loses his or her ability to raise the children safely and productively due to circumstances like illness, drug or alcohol dependency, and other factors. The former spouse may have no choice but to go to court to have the order modified for the safety of the couple’s children.

Likewise, in some cases the minor children reach the legal age of maturity and decide that they no longer want to live with the custodial parent. Some states allow children over the age of 14 or 15 to petition the court for a new visitation order. The judge will listen to what the kids have to say and then may render a new decision to allow the children to live with the other parent.

Approaching the Court

Regardless of the reason you want to have the order modified, you may feel it best to approach the court with a qualified lawyer by your side. You have the right to represent yourself.

However, if you are unfamiliar with the family laws in your state, you may not know how to present an effective argument. You could risk the outcome of your case because of your ignorance.

A divorce attorney will know how to make your case and work toward the goal you want. You can retain a lawyer today by going online.