Employee and employer

Handling a claim: Employee and Employer Responsibilities.

When a worker is injured in his or her work place, there are a few things that both the employee and employer must do to ensure that things proceed properly. Accidents and injuries are fairly common in the workplace and knowing what to do when they happen is very important in not only ensuring that the injured worker gets the necessary medical attention but it helps ease the process of claiming the compensation that is due to the injured worker. The worker and the employer have responsibilities that they must fulfill when a worker is injured at the workplace and here are some of them.

Employer Responsibilities.

The employer is, first and foremost, responsible for ensuring that the workplace is safe and secure for the workers to go about their duties. When a worker gets injured on company time, the employer is responsible for filing the necessary documentations that are needed to facilitate the compensation for injuries or harm suffered by the injured employee. This includes filing the First Report of Injury document and forwarding it to your employees’ compensation carrier.

The employer should also assist the worker get the needed medical attention for the injuries suffered. If the worker is in a position to take himself or herself to a hospital, the employer should not object to this.

The employer should also cooperate with the firm’s workers’ compensation carrier and their lawyers in investigating the claim. This entails complying with the carrier’s requests and furnishing them with all the documents relating to the injured worker such as his or her payroll, medical history etc. If you feel that your employer is reluctant or slow to adhere to these requirements, you can seek the services of workers’ compensation lawyers to help with your claim. Click here to learn more on how such lawyers can help you in this regard.

Employee’s Responsibilities.

The employee is, first and foremost, required to act responsibly at the workplace. You forfeit your compensation benefits when it is discovered that you got injured as a result of substance abuse while working or in the commission of prohibited activities at your workplace such as a crime.

Employees should immediately report injuries to their superiors when they happen at the workplace. Your employer will file a First Report of Injury document and it is up to the worker to make sure that the report has been filled correctly. You should ask for a copy of the same for your records.

Workers should also get medical attention immediately they are injured and follow the doctor’s orders so as to make the recovery processes as seamless as possible. The employee should also cooperate with firm’s insurance company as they are investigating the claim. Should they require that you get assessed by a physician of their choice, the worker is obliged to agree to the request. Failure to comply with such requests raises suspicions as to the nature of your injuries and this could see you get penalized.