How Can a Product Liability Attorney Be Helpful?

Dangerous and defective products can cause injuries to many people. In this respect, it’s important to talk about product liability law, which is quite different from ordinary injury law. Product liability law focuses on who’s responsible for dangerous and defective products. On the other hand, injury law portrays a set of rules, which help the injured person in recovering from the damages. Following section will throw light on more aspects of product liability law.

What is Product Liability?

Product liability is referred to as seller or manufacturer being responsible for handing over a defective or dangerous product in customers’ hand. The liability of product defect which is causing injury lies with the retailers, wholesalers and everyone who’s a part of the distribution chain. Usually, it’s required by the law that a product must meet the expectations of a consumer. In case, the product has a danger or defect, it cannot meet the expectation of customers.

Though there is no product liability law that’s been established by federal government in U.S., however, a customer can file his/her claim based on state governments’ laws pertaining to product liability law. Following section will brief you more details on which parties are responsible if a defective product is given to customer.

Responsible Parties as Per Product Liability Law

If a defective product has been placed in customers’ hand, it would surely have passed through various levels of a distribution chain. It can’t always be a seller who’s accounted responsible for defective products. Following are the parties in distribution chain that are liable for product defect.

  • Manufacturer of the product
  • Party that installs or assembles the product
  • Wholesaler of the product
  • Retail store which sold product to customer

Why to Hire a Product Liability Attorney?

When a consumer buys a product, he/she assumes that both the retailer and manufacturer have taken required precautions such that the product is safe to be used. However, at times, this turns out to be the case. Sometimes manufacturers are a bit ignorant about product quality which in turn causes harm to consumers. Irrespective of whether the harm is due to defective label of the product, defect in manufacturing or defect in design, the victim can file a case concerning product liability lawsuit to get his/her claim.

However, getting compensation from the manufacturer or any other party which’s responsible for harm can be quite challenging task. This is because victim will have to prove that he/she was using the product as per given directions and the harm has been caused due to defect in the product. Moreover, it needs to be established by the victim that whatever injuries he/she has got are due to product’s defect only. All this requires one to have detailed understanding of the product liability law.

In such situations, product liability lawyers can be of utmost help. This is because they have knowledge about tactics used by other party to avoid paying compensation claim. Hence, if you’re facing such issues hire professional attorney such as Rutter Mills.

To conclude, product liability law can help you to fight for your claim and get compensation. However, it’s recommended to take help of professional attorneys.