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How to Hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer

Hiring a lawyer is a big deal. The right lawyer can be the difference between spending your life behind bars and having your freedom. It can be difficult to know which lawyer to hire who will work best for your case. To make things a little simpler, below are some of the top tips for hiring a reputable Fairfax criminal attorney, such as the one found at


While you shouldn’t always choose a lawyer based on the fees they charge, it can sometimes be a good indicator of how good of a job they do for their clients. Be sure to ask them what their specific fees are during your consultation. Ask things like if they charge a retainer fee and what their rates include. Some lawyers will charge extra for certain expenses.


In order to find a lawyer who will be best for your case, ask them if they have experience in the type of case you have. The more experience they have with the same cases, the better your chances of a good outcome will be. Other questions you may want to ask are how long they have been a practicing lawyer and how familiar they are with the charges that have been brought against you.


It is always recommended that you speak with at least three lawyers before deciding who to hire for legal counsel on your case. While finding a lawyer you trust and can afford are a top priority, you will also need to hire a lawyer who you can effectively communicate with. A lawyer is not there to be your friend or offer you advice beyond your case. However, your case can go much smoother if the two of you are on the same page about everything.

Finding the right lawyer for your criminal defense charge is extremely important. Always go in prepared to ask the right questions to help you make a more informed decision. If you find that you are still unsure about a specific lawyer, ask them for references or details about former clients who have had similar cases.