Legal Prove Of Marriage

State marriage records comes under California department of public records. Marriage record are the files/data in which people register their marriage to the state marriage counsel office. This database usually contains information regarding bride and groom’s names, age, address, nationality, marriage country and marriage date. These vital records can be needed by person for many different purposes such as name change after marriage, including your name in insurance and other health benefits with your spouse, going to foreign country need it for immigration, buying new house and need to apply for a loan. With each record it comes with an index image which holds complete information about bride’s and groom’s birthplace, their parents name also containing information such as marriage register number and state file number. A marriage certificate is a legal document that proves your marriage which legally happened. California state marriage records holds this record in case you need one, you can get it from there. One can fill form online or directly go to record office to get one.

It is a primary source of your marriage details and they are created at the time of marriage. This record also contains actual marriage pic or pics. California state marriage records provides copy of your marriage certificate. Marriage records also have name of specific people who were witnesses of your marriage, witness is the person who have attended their marriage ceremony and have verified this, by doing signature on marriage record certification. Marriage certificate also have marriage official signature on it.