Why Is It Important to File a Claim for A Roundup Case?

There has been a lot of hype around Roundup and how it is carcinogenic to humans, yet it is still being openly used. Roundup is basically an herbicide that is used to kill weed that grow alongside the crops, without hurting the latter.

The Extent of Harm

The chemical is being used by farmers and gardeners for over four decades now, but its link to cancer has only recently been backed by authentic studies. This is due to an element called glyphosate that is present in the herbicide. International Agency for Research on Cancer published a report in 2015. It states that Monsato – founder of the herbicide  – had been labeling it as eco-friendly, something it clearly isn’t. IARC has conducted many studies on this matter since the beginning of the 2000s, and most Roundup cases are found linked with cancer.

Exposure to Glyphosate

Farming and occupations of the sort are not the only ones that expose you to glyphosate. Minor amounts of the chemical have also been found in rain water in the US. However, those exposed to it on a routine basis are more prone to fatal diseases.

If you are among those who are exposed to Roundup, and have contracted cancer, or any other disease linked to it, you must hire a personal injury lawyer. This is important because it is your employer who is responsible for paying the damages that you have to bear as a result of your job.

Is It Worth the Effort?

It is often a query among the victims if all this effort to file a claim is worth it. Fortunately, it is. If you file the claim, you will be settled for a variety of matters including all the medical expenses that come as a consequence of the disease from Roundup.

The victim will also be reimbursed for the suffering he or she had to go through. In addition to that, if the victim is not being able to work due to the injury, his lost wages will also be accounted for. In short, the claim the victim is settled for caters to pretty much all the financial bumps he or she has had to suffer.

The Hoax

Roundup belongs to a chemical giant Monsanto. Regardless of the claims and numerous cases where the herbicide was found linked to cancer, Monsanto continues to market its product as the safest product to use. On the other hand, researches by WHO’s International Agency have claimed this chemical as being carcinogenic.

However, the company that boasts a $4.8 billion annual sale from Roundup alone, finds it quite difficult to completely halt its processes. By filing a claim, you not only stand against the use of this carcinogenic chemical that is putting lives in danger, but are also able to finance your medical bill. All you have to do is hire a professional personal injury lawyer that deals in roundup cases.