The Myths about Personal Injuries and Compensatory Damages Lawsuits Demystified

You probably know of a person who suffered injuries in an automobile accident, slip and fall incident or unfortunate happenings at the workplace. You heard the personal talk about initiating a personal injury lawsuit. Did the terms personal injury claims leave you confused? Morelli law firm attorneys are glad to simplify the words for you.

Here now is your chance to understand what qualifies as a personal injury.

A personal injury is the physical, psychological, or emotional harm a party-individual or company causes to a person or property. Are all harms personal injuries?

No! The law only classifies as personal injuries the harm you receive because of another person’s negligence. The negligent individual, agent, or company can face a civil lawsuit to pay for the damages that the victim of the negligent behavior or omission experiences.

Personal Injury Claims

Victims of negligent actions can file personal injury claims to make the at-the-fault party shoulder the consequences of carelessness. Lawyers will refer to the legal compensation process as the personal injury claim lawsuit in which the at-the fault party is the defendant and the victim the litigant or claimant.

What Incidents deserve the Personal Injury Compensation Lawsuits?

When you incur injuries attributable to another person, you may have legitimate compensation claims to cater for medical bills, emotional suffering, lost wages, physical pain, property damage, or funeral expenses.

Personal Injury Benefits

Typically, the Benedict Morelli Law Firm pursues personal injury benefits for the clients in the cases below.

• Slip and Fall Claim- Benedict Morelli Law Firm can help in slip and fall personal injury claims when the residential or business premises owner fails in the proper maintenance of real estate property, and the visitors, customers, or guests become injured within the compound. The property owner can shoulder liability for not providing a safe environment.

• Product Liability-A law firm can assist with legal services if defective products, such as home appliances, medical devices, or edibles cause you health problems or bodily harm. Liability can fall on the product designer, manufacturer, distributor, or seller.

• Workers’ Compensation-The claims that arise from job-related accidents or illnesses.

• Nursing Center Negligence-Carelessness in the form of mental abuse, neglect, physical abuse, sexual abuse, wrong medication, or poor hygiene.

Medical Malpractice-Misdiagnosing a disease, giving the wrong prescription, late diagnosis, or surgery mistake.

• Professional Negligence-Malpractice by accountants, attorneys, or contractors.

• Truck Accidents, motorcycle, or automobile accidents-Occasionally, a drunken or drugged rider or motorist will cause the death, critical injuries, permanently disability, or mental trauma.

• Wrongful death-The loss of life because of recklessness or omission. The spouse, family member, child, benefactor, or friend can claim the wrongful death damages.

The party liable for the injuries or the insurance company pays the plaintiff’s damages.